9 Best Native Advertising Examples In 2015-2016

5. A-Zzz of Bedroom ideas

As per BuzzSumo research, quizzes are an interactive form of content that get shared thousands of times. An average quiz gets shared 1,900 times.

IKEA partnered with Telegraph to bring light on a common issue that many of us face…

Sleeping well.

They ask you to take a quiz whose results will suggest ways to improve your bedroom and the quality of your life.

Image from: ikeabedrooms.telegraph.co.uk

Based on your answers to the short quiz, you’ll get a personalized tip for improving your sleep.

Image from: ikeabedrooms.telegraph.co.uk

If you choose to ‘View all tips’, then you’ll get a list of ‘26 things you could do for better sleep.’

Image from: ikeabedrooms.telegraph.co.uk

The quiz is short, offers valuable tips for improving your sleep and keeps you engaged.

What would come to mind if you want to improve your bedroom setting?


After the personalized tips and the video, you’re presented with a bold and underlined link to checkout bedroom products by IKEA. Nothing too pushy.

Image from: ikeabedrooms.telegraph.co.uk

The link opens to an organized product listing of functional bedroom furniture.

native advertising examples ikea

Image from: ikea.com

The ad stands out for its simplicity. After you have the context of how furniture can improve your bedroom life, you’re presented with the products. So you’re in the right mindset to make a purchase.

6. 10 Struggles Of Teaching Your Parents How To Computer

So we arrive at the leading media organization that seamlessly blends native ads with its content:


Its posts are crafted with a creative punch and are destined to get shared widely on social media.

The piece on “teaching parents how to computer” starts with “Microsoft” clearly marked as “Brand Publisher”.

Image from: buzzfeed.com

The content, like most BuzzFeed articles, is graphic heavy. All points consist of a humorous line of text followed by a funny GIF to add context.

native advertising examples microsoft

Image from: buzzfeed.com

You’ll breeze through the 10 pointers, connecting with most of them. At least 2.7k people connected with the article shared it on social media.

At the end of the article, you’ll be met with the CTA asking you to upgrade your OS for free.

Overall, this is an entertaining article that gets its message across at the end.

7. Electronics vs. the elements: How your devices can survive an active lifestyle

In this native piece by ZAGG at Mashable, a first-time reader most likely won’t find out that it’s a sponsored piece. Unless he looks at the ‘Paid Content’ label at the top. ZAGG has been mentioned only once in the image credits.

native advertising examples zagg

Image from: mashable.com

This has worked in favor of the article as it has managed to get 5.2k social media shares.

Image from: mashable.com

But it also raises the issue of unclear disclosure of native ads that 71% of the top 100 news publishers practice. It leads to consumer trust issues, that impede the growth of native ads.

Barring the transparency, the story rightly sits in the Mashable technology section. It lists value-adding tips for outdoor enthusiasts to protect their mobile devices. And it also lists mobile apps that can help your outdoor experience.

The article also contains insightful tips from iPhone repair shop owners and an award-winning photographer. Such social proof adds credibility and depth to the content. Overall, the article fits well with the ZAGG brand, which aims “to enhance, energize and elevate mobile devices.”

Image from: zagg.com

Yet again, this native ad doesn’t have an explicit buying CTA. It’s simply an enjoyable read and starts a relationship with the visitors.

8. The Ascent: Political destiny and the makings of a first couple

The Atlantic is estimated to make about 75% of its revenue from native ads in 2016. And this Netflix sponsored piece is a delightful read for political nerds (a good fraction of Atlantic audience).

The article is clearly labeled to promote “House of Cards” at the top and bottom of the article.

Image from: theatlantic.com

The content also contains interactive elements, beautiful graphics, and a timeline chart depicting presidential ascents.

Image from: theatlantic.com

The theme of the article will strike chords with House of Cards audience as it revolves around presidential couples. The Atlantic in-house Re:think team also produced a video that fits in the story and features author Kati Marton.

The reader also gets insightful bites of data hanging around on the left hand of the page.

Image from: theatlantic.com

The article crossed 5k shares on Facebook. It’s a great example of how to engage your audience with in-depth content.

9. Fueled by Skepticism

Forbes offers a guarantee that its native ads will work. And they already contribute to 35% of Forbes revenue. It’s obvious to have one of their creative ads in the list.

The piece titled ‘Fueled by Skepticism’ offers an interactive experience of historical achievements to motivate you.

native advertising examples toyota

Image from: forbes.com

Forbes clearly marks down branded content in the article’s title and at a label at the top of the page. Kudos to its transparency practices.

The article picks up quotes from the naysayers and glorifies exemplary moments with numbers with beautiful photos in the backdrop. For instance, look at the auto’s narrative below.

Image from: forbes.com

Although the underdog theme is cliched, the article flows well and is an entertaining read. You’re also quizzed in between the article and encouraged to interact with the content.

Image from: forbes.com

Toyota manages to flawlessly fit its brand story of hydrogen fuel vehicles into the article. And you’ll find it naturally integrate your reading experience.

native advertising examples FCVs

Image from: forbes.com

Overall, the content piece is an insightful and motivating read. It captivated the audience and managed to get 8k shares.


If you observe intently, most successful native advertisements have some common characteristics:

  • Transparently disclose sponsored content yet maintain the same engaging reading experience,
  • Contain value-adding insights for the reader and encourage social media sharing,
  • The articles have high-quality visuals, videos, and other interactive elements. They don’t limit themselves to text.
  • Don’t push THE SALE. Mostly spread brand awareness.

I hope the 9 native advertising examples I shared will help you get started on the right foot.

I am sure you would have seen other great native advertising examples that aren’t a part of this list. Let me know about them in the comments below.

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