Targeted Content Marketing: How to Reach Readers that Convert

How to Always Prioritize Your Ideal Customer in Your Targeted Content Strategy

Now that you’ve figured out who your ideal customer is and where she is in the buying process, you’re one step ahead of your competitors. But work has just begun.

To make sure you always prioritize your ideal customer’s needs in your targeted content marketing strategy, you need to personalize your ideal customer. Make sure she’s always on your mind.

So give her a name. Say, call her Hayley. Find a picture online that could represent her. Print it out and add info about her. Hang it above your computer.

Every time you develop content or tweak the content targeting in your native ads campaigns, ask yourself how Hayley would react to it.

Would she roll her eyes and click the back button? Would the content be too basic for her? Maybe too complicated?

Or maybe she would grab her favorite ice cream (say, Ben & Jerry’s dulce de leche ice cream) sit on her favorite sofa (your know, the one by the window), and read your content from top to bottom, leave a comment, share it with the world, and sign up to your email list? Would she like your content? Did she find it valuable? Would she want more?

If Hayley would approve, then you’re good to go.

How to Make the Most of the Targeted Content Marketing Options on the Native Ads Titans Platform: A Walkthrough

Once you develop the kind of content that your ideal customer would approve, it’s time to share it with the world. The quickest targeted content marketing strategy is, of course, advertising – especially native advertising, where your ad gets immediate trust, because it looks like another piece of content on the hosting site.

Today, we want to walk you through the content targeting options that are available through our Native Ads Titans platform.

You can watch a detailed tutorial on setting up campaigns here…

…but we’ve also emphasized the key targeting options in this article, to let you see how you can integrate native ads into your targeted content strategy.

Step #1: Narrow Down Your Audience

When you first sign up to the Native Ads Titans platform, you choose whether you’re looking to bring visitors to a landing page or one of the articles on your blog. Let’s choose the blog option by clicking on the option on the right – “drive traffic to articles”:

Targeted Content Marketing campaign type

Next, you need to give your campaign a name and start targeting. First, choose whether you want your campaign to be directed at desktop users (that includes tablet users, too), mobile users, or users of all devices. Check your Google Analytics or google for industry research to find out what’s the best option in your industry.

Then, figure out the geographies. You can target the entire world, include only some countries, or exclude certain countries. You can even decide to include or exclude regions, states or cities within these countries. Note that if you choose “include”, your content will be served only to people from the countries, regions or cities you include.

The more you drill down, the higher your CPC (cost per click) will be. But if you need a local audience, it’s worth it. You won’t be wasting money on irrelevant curiosity from people outside your target audience.

To improve your content targeting, be sure to select one IAB category or more that best matches your niche. If you help families with young kids integrate a pet into the family, you might want to select both “pets” and “family & parenting”, for example.

Targeted Content Marketing campaign details


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