4 Dreadful Content Marketing Fails To Avoid

3. Content Marketing and SEO: Occasionally You Can’t Kill Two Birds With One Stone

It seems like the perfect marriage. If search engines like to serve quality content to their users, it seems like they are ‘made for each other.’



Except sometimes they get along!

SEO is all about uplifting your search rankings and driving traffic through search engines. And content marketing is simply driving traffic through content.

A few years back, SEO was about keyword-stuffing, clean navigation and manually built backlinks. Now even an un-optimized website can rank in search engines.

They just need to offer high-quality content, have few relevant backlinks from authoritative websites and offer a superlative user experience. Which are all a part of the content marketing puzzle.

But that still leaves one aspect of SEO that you need to incorporate to sustain traffic on your website and rank for relevant queries…

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes aspects like website speed, site structure and properly set up redirects.

You can’t discount these changes either. HubSpot increased their organic traffic by 51.14% in a month by making technical SEO updates on their website.

Once you’ve taken care of technical SEO, here are a couple of ways to get the best of both worlds –

A. Invest in evergreen content

If a content piece remains useful for a long period, then you can keep promoting and earning backlinks from it. Once backlinks start accumulating, your search engine traffic also grows.

B. Create content that integrates keywords while addressing the challenges of your target audience

This is a hybrid approach to catapult your content efforts.

Also, scout forums to find the pain points of your audience and the EXACT words they use to describe them.

If you still find the two don’t match up well, Derek Edmond shares actionable strategies to reassess your marketing efforts here.

4. Are You Ready To Invest In Your Content Marketing Campaigns?

Most brands want to attain business results their way with content marketing.

This might include:

  • Hiring a student intern team to power their content marketing and completely relying on their expertise.
  • Working without any documentation: Not creating an editorial calendar and buyer personas.
  • Setting a low-budget: Buying ‘decent-quality’ content from freelance marketplaces at $5 and expecting results in 3 months.

If you implement any of the above approaches, you’re DOOMED.

Content marketing requires persistent efforts over a long period of time.

You’ll need to separate a heavy chunk of your marketing budget and refroms to create high-quality content. To give you a benchmark:

Marketers spend 25% of their budget on content (without staff).

But once you’ve built a bank of content and actively promoted it, you’ll start to see the amazing benefits of content.

Tomasz Tunguz (a venture capitalist) believes that evergreen content is one of the most effective forms of marketing and it generates compounding returns.

Image from: tomtunguz.com

How long will you need to wait to see results?

Depending on your niche, audience and your content marketing efforts, you might need to dedicate anywhere between 12 months to 18 months.

Don’t forget to login to your analytics, evaluate your performance, and refine your content creation as well as distribution.


Those were the four major content marketing fails that prevent brands from seeing business results. They might seem harmless on the surface, but these blunders can ruin your content marketing efforts and demotivate you.

Are you guilty of committing any of these mistakes? How do you plan to tackle these challenges in your next content marketing campaign?

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Written by Chintan Zalani

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