Creative Commons Videos: Where Can I Find Them?

There is a wonderful realm on the internet of Creative Commons content. I

Like any original work, as soon as it is created it falls under copyright protection. Then the creator can license it under CC, which it allows them to take control of how they share their work. Building your blog, amping up your site or adding veracity to an article can be helped by video content. Some of your favorite video sites may already include the big names such as YouTube and Vimeo. There is plenty of content literally at your fingertips under the CC license.


where you can browse all the users that have shared their videos under CC licenses. They also sort into details from “Attribution Share Alike” to “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives.” This means the various ways and to what extent you can use the work.

Here is their breakdown on the differences in attribution for the videos:


YouTube is another favorite site that offers users a place to share their uploads under CC licensing. It has to be original work. Only those with accounts in good standing are eligible to add their work into the Creative Commons community.  When searching for videos you can sort under “features” by creative commons so you are only shown applicable works.

Another great place to check out is the actual Creative Commons site. Sort by YouTube, SpinXpress or Wikimedia Commons to find videos or clips you can use.

There are also plenty of videos in the Public Domain. However, always remember that just because something is easily accessible on the web, it does not mean it is free to use. Always check the licensing and source it right. Follow the guidelines for proper attribution and multi-media filled content is literally just a click away from you.

Written by Desiree Armstrong

Desiree is a Writing, Business and Film graduate from the University of Victoria. She received an Award of Distinction from the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business upon graduation. All through her studies, she worked for UVic Corporate Relations as a Brand Ambassador and was the Director of the non-profit dance company Victoria Dance Theatre. While living in Montreal, she was the Promotions & Marketing Manager for the band Tofu Stravinsky. Now living in Vancouver, Desiree is working as the Marketing Coordinator of NativesAds. Her social media skills are topnotch and she is also a writer with a diverse range from lifestyle & entertainment to advertising & marketing. Additionally, she’s an avid dancer, who loves to take the stage and entertain a crowd.