Do I qualify to be a Native Ads affiliate?

Native Ads welcomes anyone to join the affiliate program! The short answer is yes, you qualify!

Know of people or companies seeking new ways to advertise their products or services? If the answer is yes, then start making money today by joining the first ever Native Advertising affiliate program!

Sign up at anytime through the Native Ads Affiliate Program Sign Up Page.

  1. Find potential advertisers

Refer the people or companies trying to promote a product/service through online marketing to Native Ads. Easily earn 10% of the profit Native Ads generates from those referred advertisers!

  1. Use the Native Ads promotional tools

Every affiliate receives marketing materials which include a personal unique link, pre-made email marketing and social media marketing messages, and an assortment of high-performing banner creatives. Each of these tools contains a unique link that credits the affiliate for anyone who comes to Native Ads using one of these links.

  1. Get paid!

Once a referred advertiser starts to spend with Native Ads, start earning cash!

Updated on August 17, 2016

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