15 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Savvy Small Businesses

11. Contact Form 7

As an online business, you obviously have to let your potential customers contact you.

Contact Form 7 is a classic and probably the most popular contact form plugin with over 1 million active installs. It allows you to create as many contact forms as you like.

You can also add advanced custom fields, drop down menus and CAPTCHAs.

12. Live Chat: Pure Chat

If you’re a product business, then removing the objections of your customers in real time can improve your conversions.

How about offering an enhanced customer service to them by chatting with them live?

Live Chat is a WordPress plugin that allows you to engage with your customers on-the-go.

44% of online consumers said that getting their questions answered by a real, live person (in the middle of their online purchase) is one of the most important features a website can offer.

So install the plugin now and track your visitors in real-time.

Don’t worry about compatibility as Live Chat offers you integration with 500+ apps through Zapier. And even if you aren’t available to chat live, you can use their email capture to never miss a lead.

13. Slack

If you’re a small business with a remote team, then Slack is a powerful communication tool. It’s much more convenient than email and offers a whole lot of integration with other online tools.

Suppose you’ve got a blog with multiple authors, then you can integrate slack with WordPress and get event notifications on Slack like the one below.

Once you install the plugin, you’ll need to visit the ‘Slack’ label. Then click on Add New for adding your first integration.

You can configure integrations by getting an Incoming Webhook. To do this, access the list of services by clicking on the “Configure Integrations” button.

Image from: wpbeginner.com

Here is a video by Akeda Bagus showing the Slack plugin in action.

14. Akismet

This is the most popular WordPress plugin with 35 million+ downloads.

It’s a comment spam filtering service that slays 7.5 million spam occurrences every hour.

You’ll need an API key to sign up. Here are the 3 simple steps to set up the plugin.

Once you’ve set up the plugin, its dashboard shows comment stats.

I’ll recommend you to scan all the comments as many users report that Akismet reports false positives i.e. marks legitimate comments as spam.

15. Back-up Vault Press

Websites crash. Hackers hijack. Web Hosts commit blunders.

Don’t assume that you’re the fortune-blessed individual that will never face data loss:

70% of small businesses have experienced (or will experience) data loss.

What will you do if you don’t have a copy of your site files?

Your online business will experience….

Sudden Death.

Hence you need to backup your website with a plugin like Vault Press and remain prepared for emergency situations.

The tool allows daily and real-time syncing of your WordPress content. You can monitor your previous backups anytime and RESTORE your website at the click of a button.

Vault Press also scans your website for suspicious changes and fixes common threats conveniently. But if you’re looking for a specialized security plugin though, then I recommend you to install Sucuri.


If you want to create a sustainable and fully functional business website on WordPress, then you need to unleash functionalities of its plugins.

I’ve shown you 15 must have plugins for WordPress that will suffice most business requirements. Get started with installing relevant ones on your website and supercharge your small business.

Are there any other categories of plugins that I didn’t cover in the article? Let me know in the comments below.

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