4 Incredibly Simple Summer Advertising Ideas That Will Make You More Money

3. Top 5: Hot Shoe Trends for Summer by Payless

Alright…the next one is a Top 5 list by Payless. The article is a simple compilation of 5 shoes that are back in fashion along with the kind of look they would give the consumer. Here are its 2 quick wins:

  1. The article contains high-quality photos of models wearing the different types of shoes. These are helpful for a consumer because it helps them imagine the product on themselves in real-life situations.

2. The information below every product picture is just the bare necessary required by a consumer. Including occasions where they can wear it and the colors/apparels that would go with every shoe type.

For instance, the flats is “easy to rock with shorts, skirts and summer staples.”

Then there’s a contextual hyperlink to the product page in blue color (it’s not an in-your-face advert). Payless just like World Market isn’t pushing the sale.

Alright besides high-quality and relevant blog content, there’s something more happening behind the scenes.

For one, Payless strike a balance between informational blog posts that educate their consumer and their ‘top 5’ blog posts that are commercial. Their audience is also aware that ‘Top 5’ is the post where Payless recommends products – the audience is on the lookout for it anyway.

If you look at their 8 published blog posts in April, you’ll find a couple of Top 5 posts.

And others are educational posts by a variety of fashion bloggers. For instance, in April they also published a post on how to make a to-do list written by Ellen. This kind of content is useful for the audience and builds trust as well as brand loyalty.

Lastly, Payless also have an established Twitter audience of over 29K followers.

And a Facebook audience of just over 1 million.

So they have a distribution medium in place for getting the ball rolling on their native content. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have to rely on paid social advertising for gaining eyeballs.

4. Summer to do calendar by Leinenkugel’s

Up for a little bit of interactivity in your native ads?

Then use this summer to-do calendar by Leinenkugel for inspiration.

Note that I’ve linked to the original 2014 version of the post from the wayback machine because currently the article doesn’t seem to work.

The piece contains a list of summer events that are useful for New Yorkers. It was launched to promote Leinenkugel’s summer shandy and it let readers find relevant BuzzFeed content for each day of the summer.

For instance, here’s the article you can view for Memorial Day.

This is a user-friendly way of getting your brand in front of your target audience without disrupting their journey.

And it suits BuzzFeed’s laid back audience that would enjoy a Leinenkugel alongside some of these events.

Overall, Leinenkugel’s custom posts got over 558,000 views from social channels. And the interactive piece continues to rank at the number 3 spot for the keyword ‘Summer To-Do Calendar.’

Anyone willing to create a better version of the summer calendar to take the spot?


The best content that will help you connect with your audience is one that is relevant to the platform, fits your strategy and requires a good promotional spin.

Elements like interactivity might add to the x-factor and make your piece more popular with the consumers. The key though is to take action and keep experimenting with ideas. As I showed you in the example two even overly done ads might work due to consumer familiarity.

Are there any other advertisement ideas that you plan to implement this summer? I would love to hear about them below.


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