7 Easy Kinds Of Content Proven To Work For Native Advertisers

Stellar content is hard to craft in itself. Further, even high-quality free content fails to receive traction – 89% of posts never make it past 100 shares.


Obviously you don’t want that to happen with your native advertising content. Besides proper distribution, you also need to create engaging content for achieving success. Content that hooks people in and glues them to your website.


Sure you need proper promotion and contextual targeting of all your content. But the content in itself should interest your audience. I’ve done the legwork and compiled seven content ideas that are proven to work. And I want to share them with you in this article.




Let’s go.

1. Don’t say it. Show it with visuals and infographics

Purely textual content is the most common kind of marketing tool. It’s clearly understood by search engines and gets shared on social media.


But relying solely on it to stand out in the sea of 2 million five hundred word-ish blog posts published every day is extremely difficult.


The solution?


Designing stunning pieces of visual content.


  • The brain interprets and responds instantaneously to graphics. 93% of human communication is non-verbal.


  • In their analysis of 100 million articles, OkDork found that one or more images in your post leads to considerably higher social shares.

A simple mistake that many brands commit is assuming that graphic content does not suit their personality – since it’s light hearted and funny.



Look at the post by Intel below.

It’s a typical graphic list post by a serious brand trying to take its audience back in time.


Did people like reading the post?


With 307 hearts, 75 LOLs and 114K social shares….it’s safe to say YES.


If you want to get your feet wet by creating some custom graphics yourself, start with Canva and Pablo.


For a more professional design, you might need to hire a designer from Dribble or UpWork. I would recommend you to give infographics a try. They are incredibly effective in building contextual backlinks from authoritative websites.


Brian Dean was able to get backlinks from 173 domains and increase his organic traffic by 175.59% using guestographics.


2. Interact with your audience by quizzing them

Want to entertain your audience while helping them share their identities with the social world?


Then quiz is the perfect format for you.


Since 2013, quizzes have been one of the most effective content formats that go viral.


BuzzFeed immediately grabbed the opportunity after seeing quizzes get the highest engagement on Facebook and blew their traffic numbers.


In their 2014 analysis, OkDork found that 8 of the top 10 most shared articles were quizzes. BuzzFeed created seven of them with their career quiz gaining the top spot.

Quizzes continue to have a successful run to date. In 2015, the color quiz by Social Eyes ended up exploding Facebook and generating 5m shares.

You can study the content by Viral Buzz for coming up with a cool quiz idea. They have mastered viral quizzes and receive millions of shares on them.

Playbuzz also allows you to create your own quizzes and a variety of other interactive content. Just choose from a range of their templates here to get started.

The most popular kind of quizzes that rule Playbuzz (and even the internet) are personality quizzes. Because people like to express their identities through the content they share – especially if it shows them in a positive light.

Don’t forget to add a call to action requesting your audience to share their quiz results on completion.


If you aren’t up for quizzes, you can attempt other kinds of interactive and sticky content types. For instance, the most shared content on Time in 2015 was the Baby Name Popularity post (781.4k shares).

You simply need to enter your name, birthdate and gender and press the ‘Get My Today Name’ button. The site returns with what your name would be in different decades based on the popularity of your name when you were born.

3. Industry influencers can do the tango for you

You can splurge thousands of dollars and get your brand in front of Huffington Post’s million readers. Still your content might not earn the trust of your audience.

The consumer perception of advertising has drastically shifted. Although native advertising is non-intrusive and leads to higher buyer intent, consumers still fail to differentiate between editorial and branded content.

92% consumers trust recommendations from individuals (even people they don’t know) over branded content.


So you need to strike a healthy balance between native advertising and influencer marketing. Find out the ninjas in your industry that hog the limelight and pay them exorbitant amounts.





Build a relationship with them by adding value to their audience. You can introduce them to your brand and offer free access to your offerings.


If they publish an honest review of your product, then it might mean exposure to thousands of people from your target audience. You’ll also generate thousands of dollars in sales.


Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income earns over a hundred thousand dollars in affiliate income every month promoting products by other brands.

For launching your first influencer campaign, you can begin your industry stalwart search on Buzzsumo.


It’s advisable though to narrow your targeting to include the specific influencers that are most relevant to your brand. Suppose you sell a tool that helps businesses with Google AdWords, then reaching out to every “marketing” blogger won’t make sense.


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Written by Chintan Zalani

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