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    content marketing analytics - feature image

    Conversion Tracking: Postback URLs vs Image Pixels vs Javascript Pixels

    How are your marketing campaigns doing? Without setting up conversion tracking, you won’t know. Because you don’t have any performance metrics to make value judgments. Google AdWords has a conversion tracking tool that allows you to see what a prospect does after clicking on your ad. You can check if your ads are leading to […]

  • Optimization Tactics

    4 Landing Page Optimization Tactics Proven To Increase Conversions

    I’ve already covered landing page best practices in a previous post. But simply creating great landing pages isn’t enough…You need to constantly tweak them to see how your audience responds and possibly increase your landing page conversions. There’s no shortcut to the iterative CRO method, but there are certain simple landing page optimization tactics that work […]

  • conversion problems feature image

    8 Tips For Solving Your Website’s Conversion Problems

    There’s a leak. Your website is losing money every single day. It could amount to millions of dollars of lost yearly revenue. The reason? Your visitors are encountering conversion problems on your website. They might be: Having difficulty in finding the perfect offer tailored for them. Facing trust issues with your brand and don’t believe that you […]

  • call to action writing feature

    How To Do Great Call To Action Writing (With 4 Easy Formulas)

    Even if you’ve made a tasty offer and written a scintillating product description for hooking your audience…You won’t be able to convert your traffic without a compelling CTA. But what is Call to Action writing, and how do you do it right? After your visitors read through your landing page narrative, feel convinced about your product/service […]

  • facebook advertising guidelines feature image

    This Facebook Advertising Guidelines Update Puts Native Advertisers in a Fix

    Are you a publisher that offers native advertising services to brands? Then I want to bring your attention to a minor change in Facebook advertising guidelines. The social giant published this update on April 8, and it has been talked about as being beneficial for media companies. Verified Facebook pages of publishers, celebrities, and other influencers can […]

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    4 Dreadful Content Marketing Fails To Avoid

    In 2014, 72% of B2B marketers expressed a desire to produce more content. But only 48% of smaller organizations and 41% of larger ones have a documented content strategy. This HUGE gap in creation and performance measurement is… A recipe for content marketing fails With documentation, you can evaluate your marketing decisions and eliminate the ineffective […]

  • what are native ads feature

    What Are Native Ads? How To Reverse Your Company’s Thinking On Them

    What are native ads? Many marketers and brands think that native advertising and content marketing are the same. And they use the terms in the same breath because they feel that both terms mean creating useful and interesting content. If you’re in the same boat, then this article will break your myth. I won’t talk […]

  • must have wordpress plugins feature image

    15 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Savvy Small Businesses

    Free. Easy to Learn. Open Source. Search-Engine Friendly. Extendible with Elegant Themes. Those might have been the few reasons that triggered you to choose WordPress for your business. It runs freaking 4.5% of the entire internet. But after making the switch… You’re now confused about the BIG deal with this software: Were all of those WordPress […]

  • 5 storytelling techniques title

    5 Engaging Storytelling Techniques For Crafting Amazing Content

    With rapidly shrinking attention spans, it’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to truly engage their customers. But there’s still hope to increase your conversions with storytelling techniques. Wonder why storytelling is such a buzzword among content marketers? Because it’s extremely effective in not just driving your audience to read your content, but to take ACTION. It […]