Desiree Armstrong

Desiree is a Writing, Business and Film graduate from the University of Victoria. She received an Award of Distinction from the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business upon graduation. All through her studies, she worked for UVic Corporate Relations as a Brand Ambassador and was the Director of the non-profit dance company Victoria Dance Theatre. While living in Montreal, she was the Promotions & Marketing Manager for the band Tofu Stravinsky. Now living in Vancouver, Desiree is working as the Marketing Coordinator of NativesAds. Her social media skills are topnotch and she is also a writer with a diverse range from lifestyle & entertainment to advertising & marketing. Additionally, she’s an avid dancer, who loves to take the stage and entertain a crowd.

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    YouTube 2014 Top 10 Videos: Nearly Half Native Ads

    The time has come for the internet to release its top ten lists, from the highest number of re-tweets on Twitter to the most popular videos on Youtube. Not only was the year good for the Mutant Spider Dog, but native advertising had a staggering presence too. In 2007, YouTube released its first ever top […]

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    New Year Will Bring Native Ad Spending To New Heights

    Native advertising is a trending topic in the digital media world. Now that publishers and advertisers are starting to notice the potential, they are jumping on board. 7.9 Billion USD In Native Ad Spend in 2014 When audiences are exposed to the inevitability of advertisements yet receive them through a similar format to the content […]

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    Steer Clear of Click Bait

    Every online publication needs visitors to their site and each approach to accomplish this is different. Some devices are appropriate and some unsavory. Where is the line? Native advertising is about making paid advertising feel less intrusive to the user; the less intrusive the more likely they will click on it. Using an approach like […]

  • youtubenativeadsscreen Interviewed at Adweek 2014

    Charlo Barbosa and Jon Malach from were among the many interviewed by digital journalist Sharad Khare while attending Advertising Week in New York City. Held at the Nasdaq facility in Manhattan, many experts in the Native Advertising world were present for the discussions. Check out the interviews in the video below featured on The […]