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    How to Revive Old Post Content for More Clicks

    How many hours have you put into your blog over the years? How many words have you written? How many visitors has that old content had recently? If your blog is like most, the answer is a dismal “none.” But old content is still good content, even if nobody else sees that, and it can […]

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    How to Use Trello to Organize Your Campaigns

    It’s a blank canvas. A starting point. An incredibly useful tool for organizing and production. Project managers have figured out how to use Trello for a whole range of purposes. Trello is a hugely flexible tool that is designed for successful project management. It works for either you as an individual or for your whole […]

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    Kardashians Accused of Deceptive Marketing

    The Kardashians may be household names. They may have millions of followers on social media. But they have been accused of deceptive marketing and if the non-profit group Truth in Advertising has their way, their influencer marketing activities will be severely curtailed. Kardashians in the Crosshairs The Kardashian family are the elite in the world […]

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    Why a Tool to Smush Images Will Be Your Favorite WordPress Plug-in

    There are many variables when it comes to maximizing conversions through your website. We focus on domain names and content. Images and themes. Logos and buttons. But one of the biggest issues you may not have addressed is how those beautiful elements – especially those impressive images – can slow your load times dramatically. Slower load times […]

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    7 Things Mobile Marketers Must Know About Native Mobile Ads

    Customers don’t like advertisements. This isn’t particularly news, but what is shaking up the mobile market is that companies like Google and Apple are giving customers what they want: A way to block advertisements. This is terrible news for marketers who relied on pop-ups and flashy banner ads. Others, however, had already realized native mobile ads are […]

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    Native Mobile Ads to Drive $53 Billion in Revenues

    Native mobile ads are already significant in the advertising marketplace. But they’re only going to continue to pick up speed. According to the results of two different studies, mobile native advertising is on a powerful upwards trajectory that shows no sign of slowing down.  Facebook Releases Native Advertising Stats Facebook recently released its latest advertising statistics […]

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    Native Advertising Best Practices for Optimizing ROI

    Native advertising is appearing on social media websites, media outlets, video sites and more. They are everywhere. This makes sense when you consider that spending on native advertising is expected to reach $4.57 billion – outpacing traditional online advertising – by 2017. More than 75 percent of publishers offer some form of native advertising, and brands are […]

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    5 Native Advertising Tips for Brands Looking to Make a Change

    Before working through native advertising tips, you must first understand why native advertising is so effective. According to a recent presentation at the IAB conference: 60 percent of consumers have positive feelings toward native advertising. 69 percent of marketers see native ads as valuable. Good native ads on mobile get 3 times more attention than […]

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    Native Video Advertising Examples That Are Worth Watching

    $4 Billion is spent on mobile video ads in the United States alone – including native video advertising. This number is expected to grow by double-digits over the next five years. Why? Because mobile video is growing astronomically. Mobile videos are more than half of all mobile data traffic. By 2020, a full 75 percent of […]

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    Native Advertising Compliance – What Every Marketer Must Know

    Native advertising compliance could mean walking a rather slippery slope. The field of native advertising is developing quickly. As new ideas and marketing techniques emerge within the industry, questions naturally arise about what is appropriate and what is not. Worse, there are some techniques that may fringe on downright illegal. A marketer trying to understand […]

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    Speed Up Your Mobile Sites with Facebook Instant Article and Google AMP Demo

    Two new mobile platforms – Facebook Instant Articles and Google Accelerated Mobiles Pages – are transforming the way we see the internet on mobile devices. The Google AMP Demo and FBIA are both designed to allow visitors a faster content experience. Facebook Instant Article works on the Facebook mobile app. The Google AMP Project is […]

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    Content Marketing Ideas Generator: 8 Fresh, Easy Ideas

    How many times have you seen the same ideas for content marketing labeled as “new” and “innovative?” Or perhaps you’ve had an idea of your own, and then you realized other marketers or their content marketing ideas generator have been doing the same thing for months – even years. Is there actually anything new under […]