Shannon Lynch

Shannon Lynch is an editor and writer for Native Ads Inc. Although she is still fairly new to the world of online advertising, she is excited and eager to learn more aspects of the industry as a whole. Shannon’s education and experience in journalism give her the drive and skills to research as much as possible about native advertising and deliver insightful content.

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    How Native Ads Are Killing Banner Ads On Mobile

    If you’ve ever tapped on an ad on your mobile device, it was probably by mistake. Mobile devices have a great deal of potential when it comes to marketing, but probably not through traditional banner style advertising. With mobile devices so full of apps, tiny banner ads are simply too easy to ignore. So if […]

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    What Is Native Advertising?

    Native advertising. The term has recently taken off as quite a hit in the online marketing world. Even major publications like the New York Times have used native advertising. One great example is this sponsored paid post on its website, promoting the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. Though the use of native advertising can […]