The Best Way To Maximize Your Traffic From Native Advertising

Not sure how much to start bidding on your campaigns? We asked some professional media buyers how they maximize their native advertising traffic, and here’s what they said.

Most media buyers start each campaign with a bid that is slightly higher than their target bid. As soon as traffic begins to flow, they slowly lower this bid to their target bid.

Here’s why this works. When a campaign launches, it automatically undergoes a discovery phase. During the discovery phase, Native Ads tries to establish how strong the CTR is for the ad. Ads with high CTRs are able to bid lower than ads with low CTRs. During the discovery phase, priority is given to campaigns with higher bids.

Once the discovery phase is complete, your CTR becomes as important as your bid for determining how much traffic you will receive. This means that if you have a high CTR you will be rewarded with the ability to lower your bids without significantly lowering your traffic.

The best strategy here is to lower your bid by around 10% every 8 to 12 hours until you’ve reached your target bid, or your traffic begins to slow down.

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