FOMO & Exclusivity: 4 Monumental CTA Strategies for Your Audience

Create FOMO by Teaching Them How to Do Something Complicated, Then Offering to Do it for Them with a Click of a Button

Marketing experts have said time and again to give away your best content for free, no strings attached. They’ve also said not to be afraid to tell them how you get a result yourself – even the product or service you offer helps customers get similar results.

The logic behind it?

First, it gives readers a peek behind the curtain, which a lot of people love. If people weren’t so curious, reality TV shows wouldn’t be such a success.

But it goes beyond this.

What happens when you share this kind of material with your audience is that your audience grows to appreciate your willingness to share – and it also grows to trust you as someone who knows what she’s doing.

Therefore, when the time comes to make a purchase, they’ll think of you.

Until they’re ready to buy, though, they might try to take your tips and make it work themselves. When that happens, they might celebrate how amazing you are when they reach results. Or they’ll realize how long and complicated the process is, and give up half way.

Some might not even dare to try.

It’s your responsibility to offer a better way for these last two segments of your audience.

Here at Native Ads, we recently wrote two articles about headlines. We shared the best tools even people who hate writing headlines can’t resist, and we gave you these terrific strategies to make you a headline superstar. But we knew that, even with these resources, headlines were a tough nut to crack. So we also prepared a headline swipe file with 141 headline formulas.

We ended our latest headline article with a CTA to download the swipe file and get 141 effective headline formulas with one click:

Just like with the Social Triggers example above, marketers who considered walking away from this call to action knew they were leaving behind a valuable resource – the largest headline formulas swipe file we’ve seen around the Internet.

Create FOMO by Showing Them They’re Already Missing Out

Sometimes, the fear of missing out isn’t triggered alongside exclusivity. Sometimes we don’t want to stand out. Sure, we know we need a unique selling proposition to get customers to choose us over competitors. We know we need to be different because every website copy in our industry sounds the same.

But sometimes all we want is to belong.

Sometimes, we feel like everyone’s getting something, or belong to some happy, successful community that’s going to reach its goal together. And we’re left outside trying to figure everything out on our own.

At these times, we won’t fear to miss out on a small exclusive group. We’ll fear to miss out on the experience masses of people get to have.

If your audience is struggling with a challenge you know most of its close environment doesn’t understand, show them they’re not crazy or the only ones in the world dealing with this.

Like Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger, give them social proof that your solution is already working for the masses. They won’t want to be the only person missing out.

The Most Important Part of a CTA that Conveys Exclusivity or Triggers the Fear of Missing Out

No matter which strategy you choose to integrate FOMO and exclusivity in your calls to action, remember this:

You have to stick to your word.

The story that opened this article happened at a conference I attended a few months ago. It probably happened in a conference or webinar you attended, too. In that conference, only the first 25 people who bought a course got a long list of awesome bonuses.

So 25 people bought the course within minutes.

The 26th and 30th people had to face the disappointment of missing out. It’s tempting to give them one more chance to buy. Why let a buyer walk away?

But here’s the thing:

When you encourage people to take action right now because your offer is scarce or exclusive, you make a promise. You make them feel special and fortunate that they opted in, downloaded, attended or purchased.

You help them acknowledge themselves for making the right decision. They’ll be motivated to take the necessary action to get results, to make their time and investment worthwhile. Especially when they’ll see so many around them who weren’t able to “get in”.

At the same time, you teach other prospective customers to act fast because you mean what you say.

At the conference I attended, the presenters did open the “bonus cart” to everyone when they saw there was additional interest. But only for a couple of hours. Those who wanted to buy the course with all its bonuses knew they had to act fast this time.

After those two hours, the bonuses disappeared. The audience learned an important lesson: Don’t let yourself miss out on something that matters to you.

What’s your favorite strategy to build exclusivity and FOMO into your CTAs? Share it – or your best CTA – with us in the comments. 


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Written by Ayelet Weisz

Ayelet Weisz is a copywriter who starts every day by dancing, before going on to help companies from four continents increase ROI and make a difference with content.