People Who Hate Writing Headlines Can’t Stop Using These Free, Easy Tools (That Actually Drive Results)

Headline Tools that Analyze the Impact of Your Headlines and Take Your Headline Game to the Next Level

Headlines tools are awesome resources to get your creative juices going, but with hundreds – maybe thousands – of options, how do you know which headline template to choose?

You can pick your favorite randomly, but that’s a big risk. Serious performance marketers can’t leave the results of their time and budget investment to pure luck.

Instead, you’ve got to analyze your headline’s potential to stand out of the crowd and make an impact on your audience.

These tools help you do that.


If you’re a competitive person, this is the headline tool for you. That’s because CoSchedule actually grades your headline.

Not only that – it also grades different components of your headline.

As we worked on a headline for this post, we got an A+ on word balance, for example…

… but our headline was too long for the tool.

CoSchedule really, really wanted us to get the headline under 10 words. Keep reading to find out why we didn’t listen.

Advanced Marketing Institute

Advanced Marketing Institute offers a really easy to use Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) tool. Simply copy-paste or type your headline, choose your industry, and submit it for analysis.

According to the Advanced Marketing Institute, “the English language contains approximately 20% EMV words”, so most writers who pay attention to headlines usually dedicate 30-40% of the headline to EMV words. We recommend that to be the minimum goal you set for yourself when it’s important to you that your headline gets clicks.

Here’s their full explanation:

Garrett Moon, CoSchedule’s founder, emphasized the importance of emotionally packed headlines when he presented a study on popular articles. The analysis revealed that articles with almost 40% EMV words in their headlines received more than twice as many social media shares than articles with 25-30% EMV words in their headlines.

So don’t skip this tool when deciding on headlines.

Headline Tools that Verify Your Audience Agrees with Headline Tools

But here’s the thing: All the headlines that worked well for us at Advanced Marketing Institute got a low grade at CoSchedule, and some of our most successful CoSchedule headlines reached around 55% EMV words top on Advanced Marketing Institute.

So now what?

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