People Who Hate Writing Headlines Can’t Stop Using These Free, Easy Tools (That Actually Drive Results)

After you’ve worked so hard to create the perfect headline, after you’ve tested and retested it with every possible tool and every possible word, you still look at your dozens of options and have no idea which headline to choose.

After all, tools were created by humans, but they’re not human – and even those who created them are not the humans in most companies’ target audience. At the end of the day, you’ve gotta take one more step and let your audience decide which headline will stay on your article long term.

As promised in our own headline, there’s a free way to do this. But in this section, we decided to add two bonus tools, which do cost money, just in case you want to dig deeper.

Social Media

Remember the dozens of headline options you’ve collected? Don’t throw them out just yet. Instead, create a list of top 3 or 5 headlines from each tool, and then schedule them with a link to your article on social media.

If you’ve built a following on more than one social media platform, try this out on every social media platform you have, although it’ll probably be easiest to do it on Twitter. It’s very common to tweet the same article more than once, each time with a different headline.

Tweet the article 2-3 times the day it goes live, then schedule it – with different headlines – for the following days, weeks or months.

Over time, you’ll see which headline brings you more traffic.


Optimizely specializes in A/B and multivariate (MVT) tests. These tests show a portion of your audience one version of your website, while another portion of your audience sees another version.

Then, you can test conversion goals: Which version gets more engagement on the page? Which version gets more subscribers? Which version drives more sales?

You can test any part of your website – from copy to color – including your headline.

Optimizely’s paid HeadlineEnvy plugin for WordPress lets you test as many headline variations as you wish at the same time. You can do that with new posts, or go back to old posts that still get traffic and see if you can improve performance by testing alternative headlines.


Qualaroo offers a pretty similar (and also paid) service – you get to A/B test your headlines, among other website components. The only difference?

Qualaroo lets companies place surveys around their websites, so they can be proactive about getting user feedback. You won’t only see which headline statistically works better, but you’ll get qualitative answers as well as to why a headline worked or failed – in your audience’s own words.

To make it easier for you, Qualaroo also offers a library of questions that already worked well for other marketers.

What Could Headline Tools Do for You?

Here you go – 11 fun headlines tools that could easily help you boost excited clicks. 9 of them are even free of charge. How would your marketing look like if people actually clicked through and read your articles? How would your bottom line look?

Leave a comment and let us know which tool you look forward to using most, or which tool you already love and would add to the list.

Author Bio: Freelance writer Ayelet Weisz helps companies from 4 continents increase ROI and make a difference with content. Among others, she’s written for G(rils)20 Summit (partners with Google and the United Nations foundation GirlUp), Jacada (an award winning omnichannel customer service software company that serves global brands), and leading Marketing websites (including Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and Unbounce).

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Written by Ayelet Weisz

Ayelet Weisz is a copywriter who starts every day by dancing, before going on to help companies from four continents increase ROI and make a difference with content.