4 Landing Page Optimization Tactics Proven To Increase Conversions

Landing page optimization tactics #2: Eliminate clutter and distracting elements

Annoying. Confusing. Ignored.

That’s what happens to the message you add inside image carousels and fancy sliders.

Human eyes respond to movement from such sliders and the consumer might end up missing the content and your product offerings.

People are suspicious of such rotating wizardry and fancy formatting. They think they’re ads and are likely to ignore it due to banner blindness.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s homepage saw just 14% of its users completing the most important task because it resembled a promotion.

Here’s an example of Zappos using sliders to display multiple CTAs on every offer.

Tell me honestly:

Can you even find the CTA?

Your conversion pathway should be memorable, cohesive and frictionless.

Image carousels and sliders don’t get clicked often and reduce visibility. So eliminate such fancy visual elements that distract the user.

And if you want to present multiple offers for different segments of your audience, then create multiple landing pages with targeted offers.

Take cue from Help Scout…

They created different landing pages for:


Online Services.

And online retailers.

Similarly, you should weed out these 3 other unimportant elements for making your landing page more attention-grabbing.

1. Extraneous information

The average web user scans webpages. If you present a wall of huge text to the user, then he’s unlikely to read. Forget converting.

So cut down the paragraph lengths on your landing pages. And create whitespace with bullets that present compelling USPs of your product. Generously spaced content increases reading comprehension by 20%.

gDiapers tested whitespace in their site’s structural layout. And they found that adding spacing between the main banner and two callouts increased the site’s overall conversions by 20%.

2. Multiple form fields

There’s no magical number of fields beyond which your audience won’t share their personal information. But only ask for the amount of info necessary to qualify as leads. More fields equals more work for a visitor and thus negatively impacts conversions.

Imagescape saw a 120% jump in conversions when they reduced the number of fields on their contact page from 11 to 4.

It’s important though to test this ‘lesser form fields’ assumption.

Michael worked with a client where reducing the number of fields from 9 to 6 actually decreased conversions by 14.23%.

The reason was that Michael removed the fields that the visitors were most engaged with.

Then he decided to tweak the label copy to reduce friction.

And he was able to lift conversions by 19.21%.

3. More than two call to actions

One landing page, one goal.”

How many times have you heard this advice?

But  48% of landing pages still contain multiple offers.

When presented with multiple options, the visitor might end up not choosing anything at all.

Indeed, landing pages with multiple offers get 266% fewer leads than single offer pages.

If you’ve more than one offer for different segments of your audience, then create multiple landing pages. I’ve already showed you that more landing pages equals to more lead generation opportunities for your business.

In general, try to limit the distracting elements to the lowest number possible. Here’s the Enterprise PPC landing page analyzed by Widerfunnel to contain 12 distracting points.

I would recommend you spend some time studying visual hierarchy. It will ensure that that your CTA and headline actually gain major attention on your landing page – not other distracting elements.


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  1. In addition to traditional handbook usability methodology and human elements testing, we use
    a variety of instruments together with surveys,
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    the data and insights it is advisable establish actionable steps to
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  2. Thanks for dropping by Conversion Optimization tools. Yes, testing is the best way to improve conversions. The ideas I mention are just starting points.

  3. Hey this is great! I am always looking for new ways to captivate potential prospects. We are using a lot of landing pages for our Res Estate Lead generation projects, and this is some great information for this. I will definitely split test some of these ideas, and see the results. Hopefully we can get a better increase. Thanks for this. I am so pumped about utilizing these methods. I appreciate this content a lot!

  4. Thanks for reading and all the very best Aaron. Let me know the results of your implementation. And if you need any help along the way, then drop by here 🙂

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