4 Landing Page Optimization Tactics Proven To Increase Conversions

Landing page optimization tactics #3: Hook the reader within the first five seconds

It takes 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an impression of your website.

If you don’t get straight to the point and don’t hook the visitor within the first 5 seconds, they will abandon your website and probably not return.

Here are 3 landing page elements that compel the visitor to stay, within the first few seconds.

1. Loads fast

Every second delay can cost you a 7% loss in conversions.

Buy a professional hosting service and optimize your website for faster loading time.

Juan tested hosting a landing page on his own server (costing around $1000/month). Then tried hosting it on leadpages.net.

The result?

His landing page loaded 15% faster and led to 8.47% increase in conversions.

2. Attention-grabbing headline, relevant visual and persuasive CTA

Most visitors need a benefit-driven and attention-grabbing headline to consider your offer.

Then, they might look at your content more closely. Maybe read a few USPs of your products in the bullets.

Finally, they will see the CTA on your landing page, and decide if your offer adds value to their lives.

The CTA and headline are so important that Unbounce advocates you to “spend 50% of your time writing your headline and the rest on writing your call-to-action.”

No wonder they have followed their own advice to design a compelling landing page.

  • A headline with a clear value proposition targeting people that don’t know software,
  • Supporting background provides context with 3 steps that the user will go through,
  • A logical and benefit-driven CTA.

3. Social proo

Building trust with your audience is essential. If you show raving endorsements from influencers/existing customers to a new visitor, they are more likely to buy from you.

Here are 11 kinds of social proof besides customer testimonials for increasing your landing page conversions.

Landing page optimization tactics #4: Nail user intent and maintain scent

An often overlooked yet extremely critical aspect of getting higher landing page conversions is user intent.

The referral source to your landing page speaks a lot about the prospect.

If they came by plugging a commercial keyword in search engines, then your brand offering must match their expectations.

Here’s a bad example…

If a consumer wants ‘mobile car wash solutions in San Francisco’, then he simply won’t be interested in “mobile web solution.”

Paying for getting your ad in front of such a searcher and driving such irrelevant traffic is a complete waste.

Your landing page conversions don’t operate in isolation. Rather, they depend on the buyer’s journey.

So bid for relevant keywords inside Google Adwords (don’t pay for driving casual visitors). Then give the targeted visitors a landing page that meets their intent and expectations.

Targeted landing pages will also boost your ad account’s quality score and lower your ad spend.

You want to bid on commercial keywords that have a strong buying signal. After bidding, you should also ensure that your ad and landing page contain same message as well as keywords. It’s called maintaining scent.

A visitor must not feel a disconnect after clicking on your ad.

Here’s an example by Startup Weekend of how to not maintain scent.

The ad says “Start your own business” yet the landing page title is “What is Startup Weekend?”

There is text on the right-hand side trying to maintain relevancy. But I would have probably clicked the back button by then.

Now here’s a remarketing ad by Highrise and its landing page that does an excellent job at maintaining scent.


In the 2016 ConversionXL survey, 55.5% of respondents said that they plan to increase their CRO budgets from what they were in 2015. Yet 26% of optimization teams meet “only when necessary.”

I just gave you 4 easy optimization tactics to conduct a meeting right away and discuss CRO. Don’t let your landing page conversions slide through the cracks.

Are there any other easy landing page optimization tactics that you’ve leveraged to increase your conversions? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. In addition to traditional handbook usability methodology and human elements testing, we use
    a variety of instruments together with surveys,
    analytics, click on-tracking & warmth-map software that present
    the data and insights it is advisable establish actionable steps to
    improve your conversion charge.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Conversion Optimization tools. Yes, testing is the best way to improve conversions. The ideas I mention are just starting points.

  3. Hey this is great! I am always looking for new ways to captivate potential prospects. We are using a lot of landing pages for our Res Estate Lead generation projects, and this is some great information for this. I will definitely split test some of these ideas, and see the results. Hopefully we can get a better increase. Thanks for this. I am so pumped about utilizing these methods. I appreciate this content a lot!

  4. Thanks for reading and all the very best Aaron. Let me know the results of your implementation. And if you need any help along the way, then drop by here 🙂

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