Ignore These Crucial Native Advertising Tips And Lose Money

Effective Native Advertising Tip #3: Don’t Make it too Salesy Just Because You Call it an Ad

Native advertising works because it’s experienced by the audience as another piece of content, even if they know it’s an ad. Get too salesy, and you’ll turn them off. It’s one of the most effective native advertising tips we can give you.

You’ve gotta think of it like a blog post on your own site and understand what’s a blog’s role. It’s not about direct sales, but rather about providing great enough content that readers will have a reason to come back – or in the case of native advertising effectiveness, click your link and reach you website.

So focus on providing value, just like Emmy winner Ellen DeGeneres:

Source:The Ellen DeGeneres Show via YouTube

Effective Native Advertising Tip #4: Be Honest with Your Audience

Native advertising statistics are pretty clear: Audiences don’t mind consuming brand content – as long as you’re honest with them and they understand what they’re consuming.

It’s actually not up to brand choice to disclose sponsored posts. In order to make the most out of native advertising best practices and get a decent return on your investment in the long run, you first need to stay out of trouble. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires you to make it clear that your content is a sponsored post.

According to Mary Engle, associate director of advertising practices at the FTC, you need to make sure at least 85-90% of your audience understands your content is advertising.

So take a page from Pinch of Yum’s Instagram account and cook up some great content using these native advertising tips.

Don’t forget to have some conversions for dessert!

Got some more native advertising tips that have helped you succeed? Share them with us in the comments!

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Written by Ayelet Weisz

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