How is Native Video Advertising Changing the Future of Marketing?

Would you like to get 100 million impressions on a brand asset and increase your sales by 600%? Then you should tap into the immense potential of this growing media – native video advertising. The videos blend seamlessly into the user feeds and require the user to click for playing them. Since the user has a choice for engaging with the ads, native videos generate higher brand lift.

Here are some additional stats:

  • Digital video ad is the fastest growing format with revenue expected to increase by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9% through 2020.
  • The number of high-quality video templates offered by Shakr, Magisto, Stupeflix and Animoto to small business marketers has risen to 1500 (from 300 last year).

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Still don’t believe that native video advertising won’t work for your type of business?

Then meet Squatty Potty. They produce a toilet stool that helps to correct your pooping posture to a natural squat position. And they published this branded video in October 2015: “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop.”

The video amassed 25 million views on YouTube and 77 million on Facebook (1.2 million shares). And it was one of the most successful branded videos of 2015.

Remember the 600% sales increase I talked about at the start of the article.

I was talking about Squatty Potty.

Any small business can profit from this engaging media type. You just need to interest your audience through brand storytelling and the right message. If you can appreciate the value that native video can bring for your business, then let’s look at it in more detail in this article.

3 Surprising Stats For Native Video Ads

Since native video fits seamlessly within the surrounding environment and doesn’t intrude on the user experience, it’s an excellent opportunity for brands to build relationships.

Here are 3 stats that measure the influence of video ads to expand your reach.

1. Native Video CTR is 5% to 8%

A regular pre-roll video forces the viewer to watch the ad. And is typically used for creating awareness about your brand in a short span (up to 30 seconds).

On the other hand, the best native video ads flow well and create a compelling narrative that persuades the consumers to take action.

They are voluntarily seen and loved by the user.

They get higher engagement and much better CTR than the regular “push” videos.

2. Good Targeting Can Help You Generate 36% Earned Media

When you tell your brand’s story in an engaging manner, then not only do you gain the attention of the user. But also get liked. Consumers love to share funny, entertaining or educational media on their social media accounts.

And when they do, it means higher brand lift and even more shares.

That’s how branded videos generate millions of views on the internet. Giant Media averages 36% of earned media brand lift per campaign due to its careful targeting.

Such earned media automatically commands lesser bias, higher trust and more engagement as they are recommended by third-party sources, not brands.

It’s important to understand though that you’ll need to trigger the earned media through your owned media and paid media on your video.

3. They Outperform comScore Mobile Norms 

Opera Mediaworks and comScore conducted a study on a group of US mobile users. They were shown a mobile native video ad and asked to take a survey on a relevant product/brand. In total, they studied nine brands’ native video advertising campaigns.

Here are the results achieved due to the campaign’s exposure including metrics like mobile ad recall, ad uniqueness, likelihood to recommend and purchase intent.

Opera recommends brands to follow creative best practices for further optimizing the campaign performance.

In fact, the four brands that followed the above best practices were found to achieve better metrics (by a factor of 2x or higher).

Now, let’s look at some great examples of native video.


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  1. The concept is amazing, but could you suggest the best tutorial formaking a video, if you plan to try to do one for yourself. I am an advertiser and would very much like to splore this possibility.

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