How is Native Video Advertising Changing the Future of Marketing?

3 Excellent Examples of Native Video

Alright, now you must have a clear understanding that native videos are editorially driven branded content. And they can provide incredible value to businesses.

But what kind of content works for a video native ad?

Since they are new for marketers, it might be challenging to come up with interesting ideas that engage the user within 8 seconds. For inspiration, I want to share 3 enchanting content types with examples.

1. Entertain – “Our Blades are F**king Great”

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is a subscription based shaving supplies company. The founder Michael Dubin took it upon himself to present his business message in a humorous manner.

So he gave personal hygiene, an otherwise dull subject, a hilarious spin and packaged the reason his company came into existence in the video below.

The video cost $4,500, went viral in 3 days and continues to generate brand exposure for DSC. (Over 22 million views at the time of writing this post).

DSC also delayed their announcement of raising $1 million seed funding to sync it with the launch of the video and re-launch of their website. The video helped them gain “maximum thrust”, coverage by Techcrunch, and later by mainstream media.

2. Educate – “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit”

Air New Zealand decided to celebrate the third film in The Hobbit Trilogy (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.) And it made a mundane subject like airline safety fresh, relevant and enjoyable.

The instructional video also features Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson. And it has reached almost 16 million views on YouTube.

Indeed, the airline has been known to produce quirky and educating safety videos. This video was a follow up to their 2012 “An Unexpected Briefing #airnzhobbit” video that managed 12 million views.

3. Evoke emotion – “Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer”

It’s rather well-established by now that content that generates emotion gets shared a lot on social media. Microsoft experimented with nostalgia by taking you through the evolution of our culture twent years ago in the native video below.

You’ll be glued to the very end of the 1:41 video. (especially if you’re a 90s kid). At the end of the ad, you realize the ad is about Internet Explorer when the message pops up “You grew up … so did we. Reconnect with the new Internet Explorer.”

The video went viral on Facebook and has already gone over 49 million views. It did receive mixed reviews with people regarding the browser, but even they expressed love for the ad.

This goes to show that excellent advertising can’t make up for a poor product.

You know what a great native video looks like. But where do great native videos live? Where should you post your own videos?

Why Do You Need to Add Facebook Video To Your Marketing Mix?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. But with its incredible growth, Facebook has become the preferable choice for brands to upload their videos.

And there are several reasons for this.

  • Facebook video has exploded in growth, getting 8 billion views a day (though Facebook considers a view at just 3 seconds of watch time).
  • The engagement for Facebook videos is 40% higher than YouTube links shared on Facebook (primarily due to large video thumbnails of Facebook videos that get easily spotted in the news feed).
  • Facebook is small-business friendly. It allows easy tracking and analytics of native videos to brands. Also, Facebook has quickly rolled out video enhancement features like Facebook live that get better placement and engagement in news feeds.

If you manage to engage the Facebook audience with creative, entertaining, and useful video content, then you can get a great ROI. In the next section, we explore helpful tips to launch your first Facebook native video ad.


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  1. The concept is amazing, but could you suggest the best tutorial formaking a video, if you plan to try to do one for yourself. I am an advertiser and would very much like to splore this possibility.

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