How is Native Video Advertising Changing the Future of Marketing?

4 Tips To Launch Your First Native Facebook Video Advertising Campaign

The buying intent of Facebook users is low because they generally hang out on the platform to socialize and share updates with their friends/family. So aim primarily at building a relationship and starting a conversation around your brand through Facebook video.

Keeping that in mind, here are 4 tips for launching your first Facebook native ad.

1. Make Your Audience Curious Within the First Couple of Seconds (Without Sound)

Facebook has an auto-play feature for videos that allows you to get your customers’ attention in the first couple of seconds. Which means that either the user gets hooked and clicks the play button. Or he skips your video and keeps scrolling through the feed.

As a majority of videos are auto-played, you need to keep your videos relevant and interesting for ensuring deeper audience engagement. The thumbnail and headline must also appeal to your audience.

Also, auto-played videos have no audio…

Unless the user switches it on. So interviews, explainer videos, and videos with voiceover might not fare well on Facebook.

Here’s an example of an interesting video ad by Friskies cat food that they created in association with BuzzFeed.

2. Keep Your Videos Under 30 Seconds

Longer videos don’t get as much engagement on Facebook. The average viewing duration is 18.2 seconds and the average video length is 55.3 seconds.

The most shared Facebook videos are also mostly under 1 minute long.

3. Add a Call to Action at the End of the Video

Facebook allows you to add a link to your website at the end of the video. If you like, then you can direct visitors to your website like AHAlife does in the video below.

4. Promote Your Videos Through Facebook Ads

Organic views get higher “completed” views than paid ones. But with limited organic reach on Facebook, it’s recommended to promote your videos through ads for higher reach.

You get the following options for optimizing your bidding. It’s recommended to choose “Video Views – Pay per Impression.”

Note: If you’re targeting a specific term, then YouTube still remains a viable platform for uploading your video. It will have better visibility in search engines and a higher lifespan.

Native Video Advertising Conclusion

Native video is changing the way marketers are achieving their business goals. I would encourage you to try native video advertising starting with Facebook.

Have you experimented with native video in your marketing?


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  1. The concept is amazing, but could you suggest the best tutorial formaking a video, if you plan to try to do one for yourself. I am an advertiser and would very much like to splore this possibility.

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Written by Chintan Zalani

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