The Rise of Content Recommendation Across the Web

If you’re an internet user then it’s pretty unlikely that you’ve managed to avoid seeing “content recommendation” widgets around the web. They’re probably across several sites that you use, but may not have realized that they weren’t necessarily a part of a particular website. That’s the power of native advertising right there! Next time you’re reading an article on one of your favorite sites, take a look at what’s displayed around it. You’ll probably see a whole host of relevant articles posted below it, along with the heading “Recommended for you” or “You Might Also Like” or some other variation.

Once you start noticing it you should begin to realize just how powerful content marketing has become. And one of the main factors in how powerful it has become is actually – you guessed it – the rise of recommendation widgets across the web.

Content recommendation widgets have expanded rapidly over the last couple of years. It’s interesting, because for quite a while internet publishers largely ignored the space below an article and focused on advertising space “above the fold”, which was seen to be more valuable. Now the space below is more profitable than ever thanks to content recommendations. The main aim of these widgets is to recommend content to every internet user based on a wide spectrum of variables, not least a user’s own personal background. For example, the Native Ads content recommendation widgets gather data from a wide range of sources and bases its recommendations on information like a user’s interests and even takes into account their intent and context in order to provide the most streamlined and relevant recommendations possible.

Why have content recommendation widgets in particular become so popular across the internet though? The reason is twofold: they can be used both as a source of revenue by directing users to relevant and interesting content on outside sites, but also for redirecting engaged readers to further content on their site.

There are also a plethora of other benefits to using content recommendations:

Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, the use of content recommendations will be beneficial to you. If you’re going down the paid media route, the traffic you get with content recommendation widgets is ultimately a lot cheaper. It also tends to be high-quality traffic, depending on the platform and publisher network, meaning that the users clicking on your content are actually engaging with it and sharing, increasing its reach far more than it ever would otherwise. Not to mention the fact that a lot of high quality, well-respected publishers now use content recommendation widgets too, which means that a user who finds your content through this kind of site will associate your brand with theirs, thus strengthening it. Last, but not least, if you’re using a content recommendation widget to recommend your own content, it means that a visitor to your site is going to be exposed to content that is relevant to their interests that they may not have been otherwise.

If this has got you excited by the prospect of adding a content recommendation widget to your own site, why not give some of Native Ads’ Recommendation widgets a try? Native Ads stands out from other companies that offer such widgets because how unobtrusive they are. They’ll fit in with the form and function of your particular site or platform, meaning that you’ll be able to monetize your content without disrupting user experience:

Native Ads comes with superior analytics, immediate integration, optimization, and support. For advertisers, it also boasts a self-serve platform. While other companies offering content recommendation engines can take several days for an ad to show up on a publisher’s website, with Native Ads, the self-serve platform means that you could see your ad go live within minutes.

Native Ads is sure to have a content recommendation widget to suit your website’s needs, whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher.

If you’re a publisher, click here to find out more about what Native Ads can do for you.