What are the ad approval guidelines?

In order for an advertiser to have their ads approved by Native Ads, the content must meet and adhere to the following criteria. This will also ensure that your content is reviewed and approved in a timely manner.

This criteria applies to both Editorial and Direct Reponse campaigns. Please note that there is additional critera for Direct Response campaigns to be approved.

I. Headlines and ad language

A. Use correct and clear ad language or style

  • The initial word and all major words must be capitalized (i.e. “13 Simple Ways to Improve Your Workout Routine”)
  • Words must not be inter-capitalized (i.e. “Words MUST NOT be inter-capitalized” is incorrect)
  • The headline must use correct verb tense, subject-verb agreement and spelling
  • Title must not end with a period
  • Headline must not include pricing (i.e. “11 Fashion Staples Under $15 You Need for Your Fall Wardrobe” will not be accepted)
  • There cannot be missing or extra spaces (i.e. “9Dresses at   the Gala    You Need to See” is incorrect)
  • Do not use inappropriate or repeated punctuation or symbols (i.e. “Have You Seen These Top 10 Vacay Spots!!??” will not be accepted)
  • Headline must be complete and a good length
  • Brand Name must be properly formatted and should match the site/product

B. Headlines must be accurate and non-aggressive 

  • Headlines should be accurate
  • Headlines must not be misleading or “too good to be true”
  • Titles cannot include calls to actions, registration pleas or sales offers

C. Foreign language

  • Ads must be written in a language that the majority of the targeted audience will understand
  • Ads must be written in a language currently supported by the Native Ads network

II. General content and design

A. Content must be relevant and realistic

  • All components of the ad should be relevant and accurate
  • Advertorial content must not be represented by inauthentic or fake news content
  • Ads that are editorial must have organic navigation and links
  • Ads cannot contain fake or unauthentic social comments and plugins, including time scripts and inoperable Like buttons
  • Content must not suggest unrealistic expectations, guarantees or false claims for a product, service, or offer
  • Ads cannot use trademarks, logos, copyrights or endorsements without consent of the organization or individual
  • Must provide clear informational or entertainment value
  • No plagiarized and mirrored content
  • Content cannot be used if the author/ownership is unknown 
  • News content must relevant (not older than 2 weeks)
  • Advertorial content must be clearly represented and labelled as such with proper and clear disclosure
  • Weight loss claims and testimonials must be backed and substantiated through independent clinical studies
  • Ads prominently advertising product or service as free must clearly disclose additional hidden fees or terms
  • Landing page URL must not redirect to non-compliant landing page

B. User experience

  • Ad or landing page cannot spawn intro or exit popup or popunder ads
  • Browser close and back buttons must function correctly on landing page
  • Content must be the primary focus of the page and should be viewable above the fold
  • Content must be on a live page
  • Brand name of site must not be a URL or contain symbols or punctuations
  • A page collecting sensitive/personal information must be hosted on a secure server using SSL
  • Page takeovers or ads cannot hide or disrupt content, including false alerts or notifications
  • Page must not require login for access
  • Page content must be in an easy-to-read font
  • Page needs to display the logo of the website
  • Page is should be user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Page should not be a home, directory, product, press release or navigation page
  • Page cannot be a traditional ad or commercial that finishes with a CTA to promote the sale of a product or service

C. Direct response wrongly marked as Editorial

  • The selected ad type must be correct, regardless of whether it was accidental or deliberate as to lower the bid

III. Prohibited and restricted content

Please note that the following will not be approved and are not permitted by Native Ads:

A. Prohibited products, services or offers

  • Promotes the sale of alcohol beverages or underage and irresponsible drinking
  • Illegal drugs or tobacco, including e-cigarettes
  • Class-action suits or malpractice claims
  • Degrees, diplomas or essays for sale
  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition, shooting lessons or certification
  • Fireworks or firecrackers
  • Gambling and related games, contests or sweepstakes
  • Illegal file sharing or hacking services
  • Political or religious ads promoting one group over another
  • Non-government approved pharmaceuticals and supplements
  • Securities, financial services, high-risk investments or business scams
  • Information harvesting
  • Excessively personal, niche or subscriber-only content
  • Content endangers, exploits or is generally inappropriate regarding minors
  • Weight loss and skincare products (i.e. Garcinia Cambogia)

B. Hateful, defamatory or offensive content

  • Close up images of body parts, medical conditions, blood or bodily fluids
  • Promotes hate, violence, suffering, exploitation or discrimination
  • Bigotry, baiting or similar techniques used to promote products, services or offers
  • Fear, tragic events, sensitive political or cultural topics leveraged to promote offers or products
  • Defames an individual, organization, competitor or group of people

C. Spam content

  • Contains display ads, sponsored links or other ads as the primary content or where the pages is for the purpose of arbitrage
  • Contains links to low quality content for SEO boosting
  • Hidden links or text, links not in context with content or links that redirect traffic to parent company

D. Sexually explicit or R-rated content

  • Total, partial or suggested nudity
  • Sexual descriptions, references, puns or innuendo
  • Content that is overtly sexual in nature
  • Cannot be classified as G, PG or PG-13
  • Escort, prostitution or other sexual services

E. Malware

  • Contains adware, malware, spyware, virus or Trojan horses
  • Tech support content that misleads visitors with fake system prompts or disrupts their ability to exit the page

F. Government or law enforcement related content

  • U.S. or Canadian government offers, grants, buildings, documents, officials or symbols
  • Law enforcement officials or vehicles promoting unrelated offers

IV. Images and thumbnails

A. Images must be appropriate for all audiences

  • Nudity, overtly sexual, or R-rated imagery is not allowed
  • No depiction of violence, gore, and graphic health deformities
  • Inappropriate images meant to provoke or offend will not be accepted
  • Images of children must be appropriate and must be used in a manner corresponding with the product, service or article
  • Image cannot be modified/edited to be misrepresenting

B. Images show the face of the person it depicts 

  • Heads and faces are cut off or partially cut off will be denied

C. Image quality

  • Images must be clear, non-pixelated and properly formatted
  • Image cannot have text, borders and edited elements in the creative
  • Image cannot be a screenshot

D. Image size or shape

  • Images must be square or rectangular

Direct Reponse campaigns have additional criteria as follows and it is imortant to ensure that any Direct Response ads meet the requirements in order to be approved.

I. Comments present on a landing page must not be fake or misleading. They must not:

  • Update automatically through a javascript in order to default to a current or recent date
    For example: If a visitor goes to the page on Nov 9, 2015, a script cannot dynamically change the change date to Nov 10, 2015 when that visitor goes back to the page the following day.
  • Use fake Facebook links and content or any other social plugins such as share buttons that do not organically lead back to their originating platform
    You find and use the Facebook social plugin.
  • Use social ranking elements that do not work or simply resets after the page is refreshed

II. Advertorial type content must be clearly disclosed and labelled as such with the following requirements:

  • The word ADVERTISEMENT or ADVERTORIAL must be centered clearly at the top of the page in all capitalization in a minimum of 14 point or 19 pixel font
  • The phrase THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT AND NOT AN ACTUAL NEWS ARTICLE, BLOG, OR CONSUMER PROTECTION UPDATE must appear clearly on the bottom center of the page in at least 20 point or 27 pixels font
  • Links on a top page navigation bar must all lead to their corresponding pages. A link titled Lifestyle must link to another section of the site that is about Lifestyle content

Alternatively, simply remove any navigation element that is not compliant

  • An embedded video in the body of a content page must be playable in content and cannot link to a direct product page
  • Any endorsements or usage of copyrighted logos and trademarks must be authentic and verified on request

V. Product offers or services must have their contact information available for customers to reach.

  • Any phone numbers, emails or live chat services must be authentic and should be connected to a live representative on the other end.

VI. All supplements, weight loss and skincare offers must have independently researched case studies backing the efficacy of their claims and active ingredients:

  • Weight loss offers must have at least 2 independent case studies available on the landing page
  • All other offers including supplements and skincare must include at least 1 independent case study (you can find independent sources and case studies on sites such as Examine).
Updated on August 16, 2016

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