What is the ad approval process for campaigns?

During the campaign creation process, advertisers will be advised on how to properly create a campaign and create campaigns that reach their maximum potential. Advertisers will also be notified if they are missing information or if content is inaccurate during the ad approval process.

When it comes to advertisements, each one that is uploaded under a campaign is extensively analyzed to make sure that it is appropriate for Native Ads’ services.

Advertisements that are approved by the Native Ads team are then forwarded to their premium traffic partners for a second round of approvals.

How quickly are ads approved?

Generally, the turnaround time for ad review and approval is two business days (Monday to Friday). For instance, if an advertiser submits an ad on Friday, it will most likely be approved by Tuesday.

However, to ensure that ads are approved in a timely manner, please ensure that ads adhere to the approval guidelines. If already working with an account manager or sales rep, it is advisable to have them review the ad prior to submitting it.

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Updated on August 15, 2016

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