Version 1.10.2 – Auto-Replenish Feature Updated

Never run out of funds or have your campaign paused again. Auto-Replenish can automatically top up your account by a predetermined dollar amount. By using our Auto-Replenish feature, advertisers never have to worry about their balances running dry.

Simply enter the amount at which you want to top up your balance and Native Ads will automatically charge your credit card whenever your account balance reaches that amount.

Native Ads Titan Auto Replenish Feature

To Set Up Auto-Replenish

  1. Log into your account
  2. Under Billing/Funding, click Funding. You’ll find the Auto Replenish fields there.
  3. Enter the desired amount for the auto-replenish beside “Auto Replenish Amount”.
  4. Enter the amount that should trigger an auto-replenish beside “Replenish When My Balance Reaches”.
  5. Now click “Save Settings” and your account balance will automatically top up by your auto replenish amount every time your account reaches the auto reload amount.
Updated on October 17, 2016

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