What is the Bulk Ad Creator?

The Bulk Ad Creator is the Native Ads self-serve advertising system where an advertiser can create multiple combinations of ads very quickly and easily.

It is recommended that the Bulk Ad Creator be used to upload and create ads.

  • Quick and optimal results
  • Upload up to 10 images/thumbnails and 10 titles/headlines
  • Total of 100 ads can be created at one time.
  • Great for A/B testing and quick results.
  • Follow these steps to use the Bulk Ad Creator:
  1. Add the titles/headlines for the campaign (max of 10, max of 70 characters each
    Note: If the titles/headlines do not match the images/thumbnails, the ads will be denied. Please see our Compliance Guidelines for more information.
  2. Descriptions are optional but could help increase CTR (Click Through Rate).
  3. Paste the URL for the Landing Page in the “Destination URL” field.
    Note: Do not append the Native Ads UTM tracking code to the destination URL. It has already been appended to the URL from the Tracking Codes section. If the tracking code is attached here, it will cancel out the previously set code and will not work.

    ad creator
  4. Add the images/thumbnails for the ads.
    • Upload up to 10 at a time.
    • Drag the folder/images to the blue area.
    • Larger dimensions for images are preferrednew-campaign-bulk-ad-uploader-add-images
      Note: Images can only be up to 3.5MB and must be at least 400 X 400 pixels but for best results, use the largets dimensions possible. We recommend images with dimensions of 1200 X 627 pixels in JPG, PNG, or non-GIF formats. 
  5. The uploader matches the images/thumbnails with the titles/headlines and generates a total number of ads to be created.blob1459370335587
  6. Click “Generate Ads”
  7. All of the ad combinations will appear for review. Each title/headline will be paired with each image/thumbnail, all with the same description.To edit a title/headline, destination URL or description:
    1. Click on the text and an “edit field” will appear above
    2. Make edits/changes
    3. Click the checkmark when done editing
    4. To remove an ad, click the “X” on the far right of the page.blob1459370513247
  8. Click the “Save and Upload Ads” button once the ads have been reviewed.blob1459370582965

It will take 1 to 2 business days for ads to be approved.

Learn more about the Native Ads Ad Approval Process.

Updated on August 16, 2016

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