How do I manage advertising campaigns?

Native Ads enables the advertiser to manage advertising campaigns with ease through the intuitive Titan platform. Native Ads also provides the advertiser with all the tools and resources required to have very successful campaigns.

Simply go to the Manage Campaigns section to see a comprehensive listing of all campaigns. Each campaign lists the relevant details, including the following features and their corresponding icon.

manage advertising campaigns

Indicates whether the campaign is on or off-air:


Edit the ads being displaying for the campaign:


Edit campaign settings such as CPC, scheduling, etc.:


See campaign stats:


Duplicate ad campaign:


Set up conversion goals for the campaign:


Native Ads is happy to provide any additional assistance and resources for your campaign. Please refer to the support chat system at the bottom right corner of your browser window, or contact the Native Ads support team.

If working with an account manager, contact them directly to discuss any questions or issues regarding campaign management.

Updated on August 11, 2016

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