Why has traffic stopped on my campaign?

A Native Ads campaign could experience a situation where traffic stopped for numerous reasons. This may include:

  • Insufficient funds for the campaign
  • The campaign is suspended (this occurs when a campaign has been paused or inactive for 14 or more days)
  • The ads have been re-reviewed by a Native Ads rep and found that they no longer meet the ad approval guidelines
  • The set dates for the campaign to run have passed, which automatically paused the campaign

If an advertiser would like clarify the reason their campaign was stopped they may contact their account manager/sales rep, or the Native Ads support team.

If an advertiser finds that their campaign was stopped for an invalid reason, please reach out to the Native Ads support team and a Native Ads rep will help work through outstanding issues in a timely manner.

Updated on August 12, 2016

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