How do I improve performance of my campaigns?

Advertisers have various ways to improve performance of their campaign, dependent on the type (Editorial or Direct Response). 

Learn more on how to distinguish between Direct Response and Editorial campaigns.

For Direct Response campaigns, Native Ads recommends:

  • Blocking out widgets using a blacklist
  • Selecting brand targeting and filter through our brand sites
  • Adding new creatives (such as videos)
  • Broadening target audiences
  • Improving landing page to increase conversions

For Editorial campaigns, Native Ads recommends:

  • Improving the CTR by adding new creative combinations with the Bulk Ad Uploader
  • Broadening target audiences
  • Increasing budgets to allow the campaign to be more competitive

Interested in tracking a campaign? Learn more about macros and UTM tracking codes.

For further support and personalized suggestions regarding improving campaign results, contact Native Ads support or your account manager directly.

Updated on August 11, 2016

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