How do I setup Image Pixel Tracking for my campaigns?

It’s simple to setup CPA goals with Image Pixel Tracking! Simply select Set Up Conversion Goals under the Manage Campaigns tab. At this point an advertiser can set their CPA goal and the minimum number of clicks required to activate Ad Optimization.

Minimum clicks

The minimum clicks is the number of clicks that an ad and traffic source is given before they are paused for not meeting the CPA/CPL conversion goal. This feature helps ensure that traffic is only being driven to ads that are performing well and meeting conversion parameters.

Conversion worth

By setting the conversion worth, Native Ads can calculate the advertiser’s profit from the campaign. This number is used in combination with the campaign traffic stats for the calculation.

Open email containing image pixel

The advertiser will receive the image pixel in an email. This email will also include the instructions on how to and where to place the pixel on your site.

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Updated on August 17, 2016

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