What are the best practices during the campaign creation process?

The following best practices are designed to ensure that new advertisers and their initial campaigns have the highest probability of success.

Best practice guidelines differ between the two types of campaigns, so it’s crucial that advertisers know which type of campaign they are running.


  • It is best to A/B test with a small number of campaigns (each with 100 ads) even if the intention is to run a large of campaigns with Native Ads, it’s best to start off testing 1­5 campaigns at first.
  • During the first couple days of testing it is important to set CPC bids slightly higher than the ideal rate to ensure the campaign will gain traction on the network. For example, if the ideal CPC for a US geo desktop campaign is $0.04 it is advised to start the bid at $0.06-­$0.09 for the first couple of days and then optimize down to the ideal CPC bid price.
  • Use the bulk ad uploader by uploading 10 images and 10 headlines to create 100 ad combinations per campaign. Make sure they meet the advertising approval guidelines.
  • Ensure the account is funded more than double the combined total of the campaign daily budgets.
  • Example: An advertiser has two campaigns, one mobile, one desktop, each with a $50 daily Budget/Spending Cap. The advertiser’s total daily budget would be $100 therefore they would want have at least double that in their account for each day they intend to run.
  • Note: on the CPC platform advertisers are only charged for the clicks that they get. The reason for having additional funds in their account is to ensure the ads are not throttled back to avoid overspending.

Direct Response

The same fundamental best practices apply to a Direct Response campaign as an Editorial campaign, with some exceptions:

  • As with Editorial, for Direct Response an advertiser should start with a small number of campaigns for testing.
  • For Direct Response campaigns an advertiser will also want to start with bids slightly higher than the ideal CPC. Direct Response campaigns do have a higher CPC bid than Editorial. For example, if the ideal CPC is $0.20 the advertiser would want to start in the $0.30­-$0.40 range for the first couple of days and then optimize down from there.
  • Direct Response campaigns typically have a 10 ad maximum so there is no need to use the Bulk Ad Uploader but it is advised to have ten ads per campaign.
  • The same funding ratio (2:1) applies to Direct Response campaigns as explained above. With the key difference being Direct Response campaigns have a $100 minimum daily budget.

Learn more about the campaign creation process with this step-by-step tutorial:

Updated on August 16, 2016

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