What is Native Ads?

Native Ads is one of the world’s leading content discovery and in-stream native advertising platform for publishers, advertisers and agencies to get their content out there in a more consumable and pleasant way for the average web and mobile user.

Native Ads has developed a scalable, easy to use, self-serve system for publishers and advertisers with a simple user interface. Within minutes, campaigns and widgets are generated to start spending or earning and content will be transformed via content recommendation and in-feed ad widgets. This content will then be distributed around the web to the top publisher sites and largest content publishers as well as reach of over 700 million monthly unique users.

The recommendation engine analyzes visitor behavior, page content and thousands of data points building up millions of in-depth user profiles. By using the power of big data, these profiles are used to recommend internal or promoted content based on relevance, yield and popularity. Advertisers can easily split test hundreds of ad variations and optimize their campaigns with ease using the self-serve advertising platform.

Updated on August 3, 2016

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