How can I sign up with Native Ads as an Advertiser?

To sign up as an advertiser, click on the Advertise button on the Native Ads homepage.

Homepage-Screen2, info, sign up, advertiser

Then the advertiser will be prompted to a sign up page in which they can either sign up with a social network account (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Live) or with an email.

If the advertiser decides to sign up with their email, they must fill in the information marked with a red asterisk and check the “I Agree with The Advertiser Terms And Conditions and Privacy Policy” box.

Then click Submit.

Advertiser-Registration, info, sign up, advertiser

The advertiser will then be brought to another page where they will fill in some more information. They must fill in the ones marked with a red asterisk.

Then Submit.

Advertiser-Registration2, info, sign up, advertiser

Updated on July 29, 2016

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