How do I write proper headlines?

When creating headlines for ads, please ensure that they follow the Native Ads formatting and style guidelines below, allowing ads to be reviewed and approved quickly.

Headlines must:

  • Have the initial word or major words capitalized, but no unnecessary capitalization or inter-capitalization
  • Use correct verb tenses, subject-verb agreements and spelling
  • Not contain inappropriate or repeated punctuation, offensive or inappropriate words (eg. Hell, Butt and or curse-words) or symbols
  • Be written in language the majority of the targeted audience will understand

Please refrain from including titles that are:

  • Inaccurate or misleading
  • Defamatory or scandalous
  • True good to be true
  • Calling to action, registration please or sales offers
  • Mentioning prices or discount percentages


  • Incorrect formatting: 22 CELEBRITY TIPS to $ave you CA$H and make you look GREAT this fall!!!!!!
  • Correct formatting: 22 Celebrity Tips to Improve Your Fall Season Look


Please direct any questions regarding proper headline creation to your account manager at Native Ads or the Native Ads Advertiser support team. Native Ads can also provide tips  and advice on how to write click-worthy and share-worthy headlines!

Updated on August 17, 2016

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