How do I get paid for referring advertisers to Native Ads?

Native Ads offers a number of payout methods for affiliates. Get paid for referring advertisers to Native Ads’ services! Affiliates receive 10% of the profit Native Ads earns from each of the advertisers the affiliate has referred. As long as the advertiser keeps spending, you keep earning!

When will I be paid?

All payments are made NET 15. This means you are paid for a given month 15 days after the end of that month. Example: If $500 is earned between the dates of May 1st and May 31st then the affiliate will receive that $500 payment on June 15th.

How will I be paid?

Affiliates located in the U.S. and Canada can receive payments via check, PayPal or Wire Transfer. International Affiliates can receive payment via PayPal or Wire Transfer. In addition, affiliates in the U.S. can also choose to be paid via ACH Bank Deposit.

What is the minimum payment amount?

The minimum payment amount depends on the payment method you have selected.


  • Minimum: $50
  • Maximum: None

Bank Deposit – ACH

  • Minimum: $50
  • Maximum: None


  • Minimum: $50
  • Maximum: $1,000


Minimum: $1,000

  • Maximum: None

Please note that payments below the minimum payout amount will be held until the minimum payment threshold has been reached.

Native Ads reserves the right to deduct from payments made, or otherwise recoup any amounts paid in prior months for any invalid impressions or clicks and chargebacks from the advertisers.

Updated on August 17, 2016

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