Does Native Ads offer any affiliate programs? Where do I sign up?

Native Ads is proud to offer the first affiliate program in the native advertising industry. Make money every time someone advertises with Native Ads after clicking on your referral link!

Affiliates earn 10% commission on the profit generated by advertisers they refer, and will continue to earn money for the entire lifetime of their advertisers. Keep earning as long as they keep spending!

Affiliates can sign up at anytime through the Native Ads Affiliate Program Sign-Up Page.

Once signed up, affiliates receive marketing materials which include a personal unique link, pre-made email marketing and social media marketing messages, and an assortment of high-performing banner creatives.

Please note that all promotion of the Native Ads’ advertising platform must be done legally without resorting to spamming,misleading statements, or illegal methods.

For additional support in creating strategies to maximize your referrals and profit, Native Ads would be happy to organize a phone call or Skype meeting and provide referral tips.

Updated on August 3, 2016

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