How can I sell online advertisers on using Native Ads?

If the advertiser already uses Facebook, Twitter or Instagram they are technically already using native ads!

Facebook and Twitter were the original online native advertising platforms, as their ads blend into the surrounding posts in the feed. Native advertising platforms are very similar:

  • Ads appear similar to other editorial type posts
  • Native ads use an image and headline combination
  • Ads generally promote an article or advertorial-style landing page

However, there is one huge difference: unlike social media platforms like Facebook, ads are served across the entire web, not just on one platform!

So chances are, if an advertiser is already using Facebook as an advertising platform they have all the skills they need to setup a campaign with Native Ads!

Native is a great way to advertise if protecting the budget is a priority to the advertiser!

Advertisers are prone to falling into a few traps that waste an online advertising budget. This includes:

  • Buying CPM with ad creatives with a low CTR
  • Failing to analyse the results of a campaign
  • Never setting up campaign goals in the first place

However, advertising on Native Ads’ Titan platform eliminates all of these issues:

  • Buying traffic on a CPC model ensures that the advertiser never pays for ad impressions that don’t result in a visit to their landing page or article.
  • Campaign results are easily measured and stats are extensively analysed, making it easier to see what works and what doesn’t!
  • It’s easy to set up goals or even automatically optimize a campaign so that the best performing ads can do even better, and poorly performing ones aren’t wasting your budget.

Native is a brand new and undiscovered source of traffic!

There are other common methods to reach and nurture online prospects:

  • Search engine marketing relies on inbound interest, but when using display advertising, it’s easy to re-target those who have been on the site already and re-engage them.
  • When using social advertising, people are meticulously targeted based on their location, demographics and personal interests.

While these forms of advertising can prove to be great, native advertising widens the scope of reach and enables advertisers:

  • Unlike search engine marketing and re-targeted display, native ads don’t rely on the customers to come to us – we reach out to them! Native advertising places click or share worthy content in front of a prospective consumer that is already aligned with the services offered.
  • Unlike social advertising, native advertising doesn’t need to try to reach out to prospects while they are scrolling through what their friends are up to or clicking through the viral shares of the day.
  • Native ads reaches out when people are already consuming content – when they are looking to be entertained or educated by the publishers they follow. Native ads take advantage of the different mentality of the consumer, making it a win-win situation: they are connected to more exciting content, while the advertiser is bringing life into existing funnels and creating entirely new ones.
Updated on August 16, 2016

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