What is the best ad unit placement strategy for Mobile?

If you have a mobile (responsive) website and are approved to run CPM ad units on it, this placement strategy will provide you with the best possible CPM and fill rates.

  1. Request your On Page click In-Stream ad unit (must be made to your account rep or by contacting pubsupport{at}nativeads{dot}.com (this particular unit may take 1 to 2 weeks to complete so it’s best to request this first)
  2. Request your Off Page click In-Stream CPM widget (choose Mobile as the Ad Style) from the publisher center
  3.   Create your Content Recommendation widget (choose Clean Mobile as the Ad Style) and customize the Display Settings:
    • Number of columns = 2
    • Number of content links to display = 2

4.  Create your IAB CPC widget (choose 300×250 as the Banner Style).

5. The Off Page click In-Stream CPM ad unit is collapsible when hard coded to the page and we highly recommend adding a passback tag to this unit, in this case the IAB CPC 300×250 unit as per step #4 above.  Simply grab the code for the IAB CPC from the Widget Manager, then again from the Widget Manager click the Edit icon for the In-Stream CPM unit as per step #2 above and paste the IAB CPC ad unit code into the passback field at the bottom of the widget page.

Please note: While step #1 above is in-progress you may still proceed with completing and implementing steps 2 through 5.  The On Page click In-Stream unit can be added to your mobile site later.

Place the ad units on your article page (below article or slideshow) as per the diagram:


Updated on August 10, 2016

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