I’ve placed the widget, so why are there no ads showing on my site?

There are a couple of reasons why ads may not be showing up on the site even though the widget has been placed. During this process, feel free to reach out to your direct representative at Native Ads or to the support team for additional information.

Missing header code

In the Get Code area of the Publisher Center, ensure that the header code has been placed. For every approved site the publisher system generates, one header code must be placed in the header of every page on the site. Once a missing header code is added, the widget should work.

Get more information on header codes and also learn more about using custom fonts or titles for the title in your widget.

Widget placement is incorrect

If the header code is present but the widget still isn’t appearing, please check the code to see if the widget was placed inside an i-frame or if the widget has been placed in an unapproved website.

Learn how to set up a widget inside the DFP ad server.

Next steps

If the header code has been properly placed and the widget code has been placed directly in the site code, and the widget still isn’t appearing, please contact the Native Ads support team or the support chat system at the bottom right hand corner of the browser.

Updated on August 17, 2016

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